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Vertical balancing machine for rotors up to 30 kg Distec - Schenck Romania

  • Compact design
  • Small space requirement
  • Quick and uncomplicated starting operation
  • Can be installed without foundation
  • Highest measuring accuracy
  • Ergonomic operating concept
  • Can be equipped for axial or radial compensation of unbalance
  • „crane hook solution“


The machine consists of a vertical balancing device with an attached, automatically operating drilling unit. The body to be balanced is clamped on the balancing machine by means of a spring-force actuated receptacle that is pneumatically released. The measuring device CAB 759 is used for determining the unbalance and computation of compensation.

Special features

  • Short lead time to delivery
  • Universally applicable
  • Automatic compensation through axial or radial drilling
  • Automatic measuring cycle is selectable with stepless, adjustable values for run-up, measuring and braking time


Application area

Distec is a versatile automatic balancing machine for balancing disc-shaped rotors, like flywheel, brake disc, twin-mass flywheel, pulley, vibration damper, gear wheel, drive disc, brake drum, differential housing, clutch parts, converter components, double clutch components, hybrid rotors. 
The rotors are received in their centring hole, the unbalance measurement occurs on one or two levels.
The unbalance compensations occur through vertical or horizontal drilling, which can be converted independently of work piece in a user friendly/easy manner.

Distec allows both manual as well as automatic loading. The manual loading occurs through the pneumatically opening front disc. Automatic loading can be carried out by a loading portal, a pallet belt-conveyor, or a robot.

Date tehnice
Technical data at a glance     
Measuring unit    CAB 759 
Color touch screen    •  
Combined measuring / correction station    •  
Manual loading    •  
Automatic cycle    •  
Automatic load/unload door    •  
Clamp tool actuation unit (push-to-unlock)    •  
Horizontal and vertical drilling    •  
Spindle drive system    servo 
Drill feed    servo 
Drill speed    FC 
Changeover     manual 
Weight, max. 2)  [kg]  30 
Diameter, max.  [mm]  500 
Brake disc height, max.  [mm]  150 
Width A 4)  [mm]  1200 
Depth B 4)  [mm]  2700 
Height C 4)  [mm]  1800 
Balancing speed  [min -1]  600-1000 
Measuring uncertainty 1)  [gmm] 
Air pressure  [kPa]  600 
Supply power  [V-Hz]  3x400-50/60 
Power consumption  [kVA]  10 
Color  RAL7035 (light grey) and  RAL7024 (graphite grey) 
Interface for auto load/unload     
Vacuum unit     
1) Acc. To DIN 1319, 95% probability, work-piece dependent     
2) Rotor plus adapter